To Nap or not to Nap


So I have been having some nap issues with little H lately. Ahh,  the beloved nap time,  the precious time when mamas get to take a shower, catch up on chores and if they are lucky enough,  even have a cup of tea and surf pinterest.

ah toddler nap tiem

Little H has always been a poor sleeper and fights naps and bedtimes till the last moment possible. But it has steadily gotten worse since she started preschool.nap boycott

I have to follow a strict nap schedule now because if I let her nap till late she doesn’t fall asleep on time and is then cranky in the morning. But despite my best efforts she takes ages to fall asleep at nap time. Often I have to spend 1.5 hours to get her to sleep. I kid you not. This involves a lot of random stories, patting, back rubbing and eventual scolding. I realized how much yelling I was doing at nap time when one day I heard little H telling her teddy in a sot-to voice ‘Teddy, go to sleep NOW, mama is getting angry!’  Sigh.

if toddler voted for president

Yesterday I went shopping with little H. By the time I got home it was too late for a nap so I decided to settle for an early bedtime. I was thinking around 7. But then this happened during dinnertime.


Except that my toddler went to sleep on her high chair. After taking lot of pictures and videos I transferred her to her crib and then had the awesome realization that it was just 630 p.m. and I had nothing to do! Now this is something I want to do every day! So now the dilemma is either cut the nap and have an early bedtime or let the nap stay but have an hour long bedtime battle. I hear the sleep experts tch tching. Overtired children crash earlier but do not sleep soundly, also naps are important to fuel growth blah blah. I hear ya. Naps are also important for mommy’s sanity. A 12 hour day with little H without a nap does get too much. And at the end of the day mommy is often found popping a painkiller. But I am just wondering what is easier, have an early bedtime and have lots of me time or go along with a nap and have a much needed midday break. Well the jury is still out.


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  1. Hey I have also gone through this dilemma of either having an early bedtime routine with 12 hours of sleep or letting my son have a daytime nap and pushing the sleeping time at night. I tried the western experts’ theory of early bedtime for 2 weeks but being a low energy mummy it was proving difficult for me without a daytime break so switched to the Indian way disregarding the west. And later I realised that staying awake for close to 12 hrs at a stretch was tiring my son alot and he couldn’t sleep for 12 hrs at a stretch too resulting in repeated wakings and a lot of cries. So not everything desi is worth complaining.

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