Crazy Monday!


Yesterday was one of those days where you show up at your child’s preschool ten minutes late  with peanut butter stains on your shirt, hair and dupatta in disarray and no makeup. No makeup might not be an issue with people blessed with a glowing complexion but trust me without makeup my pale complexion can rival any vampire’s :p

harried mommy

It all began when a nasty flu bug infected daddy, mama and H. Of course it really does not matter if mommy has the flu or not, she is allowed no sick days.

sick day sick mom

So come Monday morning I hit the snooze button one too many times and ended up oversleeping. And then little H refused to wake up and threw a tantrum when asked to change clothes. Another tantrum when asked to have her hair combed. And one more when asked to eat her breakfast. So just 20 minutes later I was totally at the end of my rope! Finally when I managed hustle a screaming H and her breakfast in the car I realized I had forgotten teddy. Did I tell you guys teddy has to go everywhere with H. Sometimes he even goes to the bathroom with her! So rather than risk a mid way meltdown I choose to go and get teddy now. Another 5 mins gone.


So that is how we arrived a full ten minutes late. And to top it little H choose that day to start crying when I handed her to her teacher. Sigh.

baby crying wiht mama

I did not have a chance to have tea or even a glass of water before leaving so  by the time I reached home my head was throbbing like anything. I do not know about you guys but if I do not start my morning right my whole day is stressed and hurried. I like to wake up at Fajr, then get dressed, make everybody’s breakfast, have my breakfast peacefully before waking H up and getting her dressed. Attempts to make her eat breakfast are usually futile and she just nibbles a bit on the way. My ideal morning routine would be to get up at least half an hour earlier and get in some Quran recitation, walk a bit and then start getting ready. This had been on my to do list for a full two months now!

mama n tea

Anyway to reward myself for enduring the crazy morning I made myself a huge cup of steaming green tea with ginger and lemon and downed it with a lovely chocolate doughnut. That was my happy place for the day 🙂 What do you guys do for relaxation after a crazy morning?


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