Our Potty Training Journey


My daughter just turned 26 months old and she is not yet potty trained. I can hear the old ladies out there gasping! Yes yes I know how lazy of me that my daughter is still in diapers!

potty trainig

If there is one thing that brings out the generation gap between mommies of yore and modern mommies, it is the issue of potty training. I have heard grannies tell me proudly that they started potty training at 3 months and one lady told me that her daughter was potty trained at 6 months!!! Seriously!

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I have been given advice on how I need to be really strict with her and scold her and tell her she is a dirty baby when she has a poop accident. I have also been told that modern day mommies have become lazy due to the availability of diapers and mothers three decades ago worked really hard to train their kids by the first birthday. I agree that they worked really hard but I do not agree with the typical potty training method used. You know the Β desi way of potty training which involves making your child ashamed of themselves by telling them, ” Haww, shame shame, such a big baby and you peed on the floor, what a dirty baby, what will everybody say!” Decidedly, shaming your child and punishing them for potty accidents produces quick results but at the expense of your child’s self esteem. When you repeatedly tell them that they are a failure for having an accident they start believing that they are not good enough. This might lead to self esteem issues later on. Moreover if you practice harsh potty training you might notice your child acting up in other areas like becoming aggressive or withdrawing socially. All these are signs are that your child is out of balance emotionally. So it is best to adopt a gentle approach to potty training though of course there are days when you want to bang your head on the wall!

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Anyway all these comments by oldies really bothered me in the early months of motherhood when I hadn’t yet discovered my inner mommy diva! So when my daughter turned 7 months, i dutifully got her a pretty pot to sit on and made her sit 3 times a day. Mostly it was a miss and go but around 15 months she was pooping or at least peeing in her pot in the mornings. I was very proud of myself. But as all of you experienced mommies must know whenever you get proud you are setting yourself up for an epic mommy fail! And so at 18 months my daughter had a case of early terrible twos. One day she just decided that sitting on the pot is sucha waste of time when she could be busy throwing a tantrum, clinging to mama’s legs and destroying stuff around the house. From that day on potty training has been one big fail.

I tried again when she was 21 months old. I was at my mums for a week so I let her go diaper less for a week. Let me tell you that was one exhausting week. It involved me cleaning up pee every 10 mins and cleaning at least 2 poop accidents per day. Though by day 4 she had learned that she needs to go sit on the pot when she needs to pee. It usually involved her sitting with her clothes on and peeing but atleast there was progress :p I am confident that if I would have continued for a few days she would have been potty trained by now. But then I returned to my in laws and here we have a lot of rugs. Plus my hubby is really particular about hygiene and he was aghast at the idea of pee and poo accidents everywhere! So potty training was put on hold indefinitely and now that winters are here it has been postponed till they end. Sigh. I have tried the reward chart too to get her to sit on her pot but not of much use.

What are your tried and tested potty training tips? Anyone has tried potty training without completely taking off diapers? Would love to hear your stories πŸ™‚

Happy potty training!


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  1. My son is 26 months and he *could* go in the potty or toilet, if he wanted to (because I know he controls those parts now – I’ve seen him stop and go on command, but the sitting on the pot intimidates him still yet. And soooo we wait. πŸ˜‰
    They all eventually do it. I’m not fighting this time (he’s our third). You can check out the comments in this post of mine, from a while bacK: http://atlantamomofthree.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/what-do-you-think-potty-training/
    Good luck!

    • Hey valerie, listening to all the experienced mommies out there I also have decided to not push it. She will tell me when she is ready. For now we wait. I just hope she is trained before her third birthday *fingers crossed* And the comments from your post were really helpful! Thanks!

  2. After reading your post I am sure it had been my browsing limitations that I could not reach you in time when I needed some moral support in my times of struggling wih potty training my 2 yr old son. I had been smiling to myself all through he time I was reading your expedition. Your story is so very similar to mine. Almost all the aspects match wih mine. I just comfort myself that one day my little one will definitely reach the toilet on his own and I will have a rich experience on potty training to boast of (if constant failures have the allowance of being boasted around, doubtful though). But for the time being I have taken up the task of putting together my struggles and failures in this area and I invite you to view my blog iknownothingaboutit.wordpress.com to read my story. Hoping you will have a good time reading and feeling that you are not alone.

    • Hey Anamika, so nice to know that someone else is also going through it. I hopped over to your blog too and I think it is our mutual cultural similarities which makes us click πŸ™‚ looking forward to hearing more about Dhruv πŸ™‚

      • Within a day of joining the blogging bandwagon, I have found a lot of blogs talking about the similar kind of problems we tend to be facing in potty training and it has really boosted the morale. Check out potty training 1-2-3 video. It says something effective.

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