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Enjoy your child!


days are long but years are short

It is a beautiful day here in Karachi. Sunny with just the right amount of chill in the weather. Not enough chilly to make you pull out a sweater but enough that you will break out in goosebumps when you do Wudu for Fajr. Little H is finally sleeping after waking up at 5 a.m. and driving me crazy for two solid hours! Little Madam wanted me to sit and pat her to sleep forever and if she caught me closing my eyes or lying down a tantrum will ensue. H’s latest quirk is having me pat her for ages while I sit. I am not allowed to close my eyes or lie down. It does not matter whether it is 12 a.m. or 3 a.m. or whether she has woken up for the zillionth time, the same procedure must be repeated. I am seriously thinking why haven’t a mechanical mommy arm been invented!!! I feel like one of the handmaidens of Mughal times who were supposed to fan their mistresses all night in the hot Indian summers. So here I am rewarding myself with some me time with a huge breakfast, a steaming mug of tea and my laptop. Of course my heart jumps whenever I hear a voice from the bedroom. and that is every few minutes because  being a mommy means hearing an imaginary baby cry all the time. So not good for my poor heart, I tell you.


Anyway I was ruminating about this quote someone said about motherhood, about how the days are long but the years are short. So true. Sometimes I feel like it was just yesterday that I brought H from the hospital all bundled up in pink. I do not remember much about the first six months. It is a blur of marathon breastfeeding sensations, and never ending poopy diapers. I look at other people’s babies and I wish I could go back to little H’s infant hood and take a moment to just cuddle her and stare at her perfect little hands and feet. As is the tradition here, when all the extended family came to visit me after the baby, the aunties will look wistfully at the baby and say enjoy this time, it is not going to come back. And in my mind I would go like I know it is not going to come back but how am I supposed to enjoy with a baby who refuses to ever sleep, cries incessantly combined with a difficult post partum recovery.

connect wiht chidren

Once little H turned around eight months, she developed extreme separation anxiety. No one was as good as mama and no place was better than mama’s lap. She wanted to be held all the time. I googled stuff, all the websites said separation anxiety will abate after a few months. I waited and waited but no as she grew older it just got worse. She just wanted and still wants her mama. And not just to be around me, but to be held by me. I grew increasingly frustrated as it was literally impossible for me to do any cooking, cleaning or other chores. I once even burned her while trying to cook while carrying her. Guilt made me miserable for days after that. But still stuff had to be done. I can now cook a three course mean while carrying her. Mommy superpower! I am sad that despite all the useless advice I got on H’s clinginess, nobody ever told me to buy a baby carrier and wear your baby! H has always been a very perceptive baby so the more frustrated I got with her, she would absorb my anxiety and cling to me even more. In retrospect I realize I was unconsciously pushing her away. If I could just have let her be and spent time with her, her clingy phase would probably have ended sooner.

seperation anxiety

After two years, I have realized the chores can wait, everything else can wait but my baby will only be two once. She would be this adorable and cute only once. So now I try to cuddle her longer in the mornings. When she beckons me to come play pretend games with her, instead of a hurried no I am busy now, I try to take two minutes to give her my full attention and do what she wants to. It is amazing how five minutes can make a difference to a child. They will be happy with just the five minutes you sit with them and will often go off to play by themselves after that. You do not have to sit and play for a half hour and let your chores wait. Life has become so fast and filled with never ending to do lists, social commitments and chores that it is very easy to consider your children as a distraction from all that you have to do. I have been guilty of that. But we need to remember children are our greatest priority and they will be young only once. So mamas, sit down, stop what you are doing, look in your child’s eyes, give them a hug and go start a pillow fight. Go create memories!


Parental Influence on Children


I love observing people and since I became a mother I observe other people’s parenting styles, their children’s personalities and behavior. It is a lot of fun actually. I am no psychologist but one thing I have noticed is that children’s personality traits are  greatly influenced by their parents. And here I am talking about adult children. You would not be able to tell much by looking at a 2 year old or a 5 year old but when you observe a 40 year old man and then look at his parents, you realize how similar his thought pattern is to his parents. You are a product of your  past experiences. Of course at any time  you can break out of patterns made by your past, but that requires a lot of conscious awareness and willpower (this is a topic for another post).

happy chilren clipart

Children are like sponges, They absorb whatever is there in their environment and store it in their brain. For example you and your hubby had a fight. Although you took care not to argue in front of your child, you continued to give your husband the cold shoulder. You might think that your toddler or preschooler will not be able to notice this but trust me they can feel the vibes and if this is a frequent occurrence they will learn that ignoring people is the solution to problems.

happy image

One day I was feeling very tired and stressed out. I was just sitting and thinking about all the stuff I had to do. Little H came in the room and completely surprised me by asking what happened mama. She is only 2.3 but she could feel the tension emanating from me. So never underestimate children.

It is often the things that we do not notice about ourselves that our children learn from us. I realized that after marriage when I got to look at my husband’s parents and my parents and realized that our current communication styles are so much influenced by our parents.

Some traits that I observed children learn from their parents:


Specifically optimism is one trait you learn from your parents. If you view your glass as half full  your children are likely to do so too. Your husband got a new job which is high paying but in a remote region. How do you react? Do you fall into depression thinking how will you pass the time there or you start making plans to engage yourself?


Anxiety and problem solving skills

problem sovling

How do you behave when confronted by an everyday problem? For example you have a huge dinner party today and your maid falls sick and cannot come. Do you panic and start talking about how difficult it will be now or you immediately start making alternative plans like maybe you can call the neighbor’s maid. Our level of anxiety when confronted by a problem and our problem solving skills is something our children definitely learn from us.



Resilience is the ability to bounce back from life’s misfortunes and to cope with stress and adverse situations. Your children observe how quickly you bounce from a negative event like the loss of a job, financial distress, death of a loved one or relationship issues or you keep wallowing in your grief for a long time.


happy  children

If you have  a cheerful disposition and enjoy life it is likely your children will also turn out be cheerful, happy individuals. Again this is linked to optimism.

change mom quote

So mamas, be happy, optimistic and enjoy your life and you will automatically raise happy children! 😀 And remember all these traits can be learned, your personal development as a person is linked to your growth as a mom 🙂

Positive Parenting and Desi Culture


happy familyl

The other day while supervising my daughter at a park I heard this exchange between a mother and daughter. The daughter was around 5 years old and was scared to come down the slide. The mother was telling her that even little babies were using the slide and everybody is going to laugh at her for being such a sissy. Now I firmly believe that every parent-child situation is different and there is no one solution fits all scenario but I found this just very wrong.

plant growing

Sadly this kind of parenting style is very common in our society. How many times have u heard parents scaring children of Allah babas (the bogey man) to get them to behave. Or telling them that everybody is going to laugh at them if they do not do a certain thing, or comparing them to other children or telling them how good babies do not do that and how he/she must be a very bad baby!

scaring todder

I feel this kind of fear based parenting is the reason our children only follow rules when we are around them. We as a society have failed to raise a responsible and self motivated generation. We will gladly throw garbage out of our car windows here because we know there are going to be no repercussions. But the minute we step on foreign soil we become law-abiding citizens. This is because positive parenting is really missing from our society. We raise our children through intimidation, threats, bribery.

positive parenting meets psychology

So what exactly is positive parenting.? It is gently guiding your children to the right path through listening to them and setting clear, consistent rules. Many people in our society confuse positive parenting with permissive parenting thinking being gentle with children is going to spoil them.

Now let us discuss the most common desi parenting pitfalls:

1. Using fear and threats.


This is a very common approach, scaring them with cockroaches, lizards or Allah baba to get them to behave, stop a tantrum or make them eat dinner. Please stop. Instead of scaring them, look them in the eye and say your rule in a clear, firm voice. Once you have repeated your rule, there are two approaches. For very young toddlers, 12-18 months, distraction is the best disciplining strategy. For older ones, explain the consequences to them. For example if you hit your brother with a toy car, I am going to take away your car for the evening. It is going to not have any effect for the first few times and your child will howl and cry. Let them cry but do not give in. After a few times your child will know you mean business. Scaring them will surely lead to quick results but will leave them under confident for the rest of their life.

2. Did you see that baby/boy/girl, she is so well behaved, you should also be like her.

We desis are forever comparing and judging. See that person’s bahu, she works and then cooks a 3 course dinner too. You should also do it. See that person’s children, their mother disciplines them so well. You should learn some tips from her. How many times have we listened to such comments. Innumerable. Unfortunately we do the same thing to our children. Comparing them constantly with other kids. This is wrong because it undermines their self-esteem and makes them feel that they are never good enough for their parents. This leads to life long insecurities. Instead of saying look at how nicely behaved that little girl is, you should be like her, say Mama is going to be so happy if you sit and quietly play with your toys.

3. You are a bad/dirty baby because you threw your dinner/ cried or whatever.

People are never bad, their actions are. And children are intrinsically innocent, calling them bad makes them develop negative self-image for life. Each time we call them bad, they internalize it and think they can never be good. Instead if your 2-year-old throws all the salt out of the shaker, tell them that was a bad thing to do and all the salt is wasted now and mama is unhappy. Do not tell them that you are such a naughty bad boy for throwing the salt. Those of you who have studied economics must know about self-fulfilling prophecies. Same is the case with children. Call them bad and they will turn bad. So choose your words carefully.

4. You are such a smart/good/pretty baby.


You guys must be thinking that if it is not ok to call children bad it must be good to praise them by calling them smart, good etc. But recent research has shown that excess praise and non-specific praise can actually damage a child’s self-esteem and turn them into people pleasers. So how do we praise our children then? Praise effort, not the end result and be very specific. For example you saw that your child studied hard for a test but was not able to score good marks. Instead of reprimanding him for not getting good marks, tell him that I know you studied very hard, next time you can show me what you are studying and we will go over your study material together so you can do better. Or if your preschooler shows you her drawing, instead of saying good job, ask her a question like ok you have colored the banana yellow or say I like the way you kept in the lines. Or if your toddler cooperates in getting her clothes changed, instead of saying good boy, tell her mama is feeling so happy because you changed your clothes. Praising effort makes children realize that they can always change their life outcomes by trying hard or trying a better approach. This leads to more successful and emotionally balanced adults.

4. Big babies do not cry.

crying baby

Every time I hear this statement I want to retort, excuse me, then do adults cry if not children. Let children cry. That is how they express emotions. If you tell them not to cry you are essentially telling them to repress their feelings. Then they are those parents who would give in anything to stop a major crying tantrum. If you give in to their crying it teaches them that you will change your mind if they cry enough. And believe me each time they will cry more :p It is essential to be firm, gentle but firm 🙂

5. No spanking.

no spanking

Many of us desis especially the older generation feel that spare the rod, spoil the child. Of course we all have had really bad days where we lose it and end up maybe swatting our child. And then feeling horrible later. But using spanking as a discipline strategy is totally not acceptable to me. If we use physical violence we are telling our children that physical violence is the answer to problems and a means to express anger. The way we behave when we are angry is the way our children will learn to behave. I strongly feel our children must obey us out of respect and not fear.

Learning to parent positively is an ongoing journey, one baby step at at a time. As our children grow, so do we grow in our ability to be a better parent.

children grow up

Happy parenting!