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Funny things my toddler said to me!


Toddlers come up with the most interesting of things that more often than not leaves you speechless!

H to me (while i was busy checking Facebook at bedtime), ‘Mama put that phone down quickly or a bug is going to come take your phone away and it is going to do bitey on your arm!’

One day when i told her to pick up her toys, she emits a long sigh and says, ‘H so tired mama, you pick it up’. Nicely played Little Miss.

On my 100th reminder to her to change her school clothes, she tells me very solemnly, ‘Kids do not do that’. That was my line 😛

When I was busy chatting on the phone and ignoring a very whiny H, she came up with an innovative way to catch my attention. Little Miss bit her finger and then comes crying to me, ‘H bit meeeee!!!!’

And of course the embarrassing part. H hates having her ears cleaned so i have to coax and bribe her to get them cleaned. Lately she enjoys pretend cleaning mama’s n daddy’s ears. I know weird. So one day in the car she looks at the driver’s ears and comments loudly, ‘Mama, there is dirt behind driver uncle’s ears.’ Mortifying.